Organize an exciting virtual event for your remote team in 1 click. Choose from a variety of ready-to-play interactive games and activities with expert hosts.
Available in both English and Russian. All inclusive!
1700 events & 92000+ satisfied customers since 2018


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unITe a lot!

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We loved it! We really enjoyed it! It was one of the best corporate events we have organized, and there had been plenty of them. 99% of the feedback was positive. The moderators, actors, and presenters were all amazing! The organization was excellent.
Lead Manager for Internal Communications and Corporate Culture HeadHunter
«Мы в восторге, нам очень понравилось. Это было одно
из лучших корпоративных мероприятий, которое мы устраивали, а устраивали мы очень много. 99% отзывов положительные. Модераторы, актёры, ведущие —
все были очень классными!
И организация на высоте»


We can customize our games to your amount of players, to fit your timing and change some in-game details.
Adapt any game to fit your theme and reason. .. .
If it's a celebration, the host will congratulate all the participants and give you the floor. Festive elements are woven into the plot. This is a ready-made event, not just a game
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You will receive an offer with games within 10 minutes. The offer will include game price with your 5% off discount
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All you need to organize a virtual event is the participants. We will take care of the rest.

The games are designed for IT industry, but they are also good for other companies. Our team delivers a fantastic player experience. Charismatic hosts, talented actors and tech-savvy moderators will guide you. All of them have passed strict selection and special project school.

We are happy to help you choose and book an existing activity from the catalog to build a successful team anywhere in the world.

There are that many games so you can play all year long!
All inclusive.
What's the catch?
Ready-made event
Specially made for your company directly by the developer and arranged from start to finish
Any time zone
Choose any convenient date and time for you. Pre-booking before approval is free of charge
Our games make people closer, motivate, unite, improve communication and prevent burnout
Technically easy
Just follow the link from any device to get in the game
Everyone actively participates
Everyone will act in the game.We mix players between the teams as much as possible to unite the whole team
Documents for accounting
We will sign a contract and issue an invoice. We will also send a closing statement or a check for accounting. And we work with DocuSign
from 440 to 1990 RUB
a full-length event or a short coffee break
from 30 to 120 minutes
for small
and large companies
from 2 to 1000 persons
*in case of available slots in the schedule
arranged in 1 day
cost per person;
package deals are available

How to set up an online event with us

All activities take place on Zoom - we have premium account with no restrictions.
You don't need to download a new app or register somewhere.
Все активности проходят в Zoom — на нашем премиальном аккаунте без ограничений.
Без скачивания программы и регистрации
Book a date
Apply on this website, call or email us to book a convenient date and time for your team building
Get the link
You will be sent a link to the Zoom conference shortly after we confirm your booking and receive payment
Share it with the team
Send the link to all participants. They need to click on it at the appointed time
Good luck with the game!
A presenter will meet the team on Zoom and explain what to do next. There is no need to prepare in advance.
Need help choosing an activity?
Get a free consultaton in 10 minutes. Choose a convenient way to get in touch.

We will provide you with all the information and send a presentation. This will allow you to present the idea to your colleagues.
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The price includes
Everything worked out to the smallest detail. The in-game details can be customized for you
On our premium Zoom account.
No additional links or apps
We use chat, invite actors, play some background music & sounds and show some visuals
Technical support
Ready-made scenario
Professional presenters
Game masters immerse you in the atmosphere. They explain the rules and create an immersive show during the whole game from the beginning to the end
One or more moderators give hints, solve technical issues and make all the setup for you
We'll help you calculate the efficiency of the event. You will get some colorful screenshots of the event as a keepsake for free
Up to 120 minutes
Players screenshots
Music and graphic
Consultation of a personal manager, preliminary booking,
invitation card, paperwork and delivery of documents are free of charge!
SplotIT team has organized hundreds of games since December 2018. The most popular games are "Bunker", "Into Space", and "Dungeons and Dungeons". We have developed strict quality standards, and won the love of thousands of players. We have become masters of organizing online team building events for IT companies and beyond. We've played with bigwigs like Procter & Gamble, X5 Retail Group, SuperJob, Tinkoff, Toyota, and others.
Project Producer
Package offers
Save up to 10%
You can order one game, or you can order a «package».
The discount works both for one "wholesale" order and for the following, as a cumulative one
по выгодной цене
for ordering 3 of any games
  • Great for a start:
  • Bunker / Into Space!
  • Metaverse
  • Icebreaker
Learn More
for ordering 7 of any games
  • The most unusual options:
  • Cyberpunk 2049
  • Dungeons and Dungeons
Learn More
We really enjoyed it! The supervisors especially appreciated it.
Corporate Events Manager, Komus
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